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I know that you can be just as sarcastic as I am and we also both have no filter so I think this is going to be fun. Before we get down to the book related questions, I thought me and the rest of your fans could get to know you on a more personal level.

  1. What do you drink when you’re writing? Tea, juice, vodka? Please say vodka or some other hard liquor.

Depends on the time of day. If it’s in the morning I need coffee, but if it’s in the late afternoon vodka, wine, margaritas, or hell just tequila! But not Jose, we’re not on speaking terms anymore. Give me Don anytime.

  1. What is an absolute no-go in a relationship for you?

Lying and/or abuse of any kind.

  1. When, where, and with who did you have your first kiss?

Summer before Sophomore year of high school – don’t judge I was a late bloomer. He was my best friend and I was in LOVE with him. Or so my 14 year old self thought. It was in his bedroom. We dated off and on for two years but it was mostly off. He’s also the one who eventually popped my cherry. You didn’t ask but I know you wanted to 😉

  1. Tell us about your first love.

See above LOL. He was my best friend and we were still in touch up until a few years ago. He’s married with kids now and we’re happy for each other. We were much better friends than lovers. ß- I hate that word but it fits.

My husband was around for the crash and burn of our high school relationship so he doesn’t think too highly of my ex. Obviously, that relationship didn’t end in my favor at the time, but it did in the end. A month after it all went to hell I started dating my husband (for the second time) and we’ve been together ever since.

  1. What are you most afraid of?

Shit Danielle, aren’t you even going to liquor me up before getting my fears out of me? I’m afraid of a lot of things. I’m a girl with major trust issues. I’d have to say on the far end of the spectrum it’s people I love lying to me. But if you’re talking general fears – rodents all the way. Anything that scurries around on more than two feet and has beady eyes and a tail is not my friend.

I want to chat about your latest book series, The Illusion Series. First I want to you to know that your books have given me LIFE!!! I can tell that you put a lot of work into these books and I can’t wait to read the next one – you already know that. I’m like a junkie needing a fix waiting on it.

For those who don’t know, there are twin brothers, Noah and Sawyer who are both amazing. I want to chat about them for a wee bit.

  1. Where did Noah and Sawyer come from? Is there a real life Noah and Sawyer? They are amazingly detailed.

I grew up in the Hollywood rock scene and I’ve always wanted to put those experiences to paper. There’s kind of a huge backstory to it all – but because you’d need to read the series to understand, it’s something I’ll be sharing with the EP Facebook group. But no, there’s not exactly a real life Noah and Sawyer, but I wish there were. They only exist in my mind and in the minds of my readers.

I’m sure you knew going into the series your readers were either going to be Team Noah or Team Sawyer.

  1. Were you surprised to find out the difference from your Team Noah fans vs. your Team Sawyer fans?

OMG yes! I thought based on the way the fans rallied around their teams in The Acceptance Series (my previous series) that everyone who is Team Noah would be Team Sawyer and vice versa. It blew my mind that I was completely wrong.

  1. Whose team are you on, Noah or Sawyer?

I’m on #TeamWeston, I love them both.

  1. Which character was hardest to write, Noah or Sawyer?

That’s a hard question but I’m going to say Sawyer. This is something and I hate to be vague here, but I could explain it more after you’ve read the series. It will definitely be something that gets addressed in the EP group.

  1. With Just an Illusion the EP releasing in June, what do you hope your readers come away with as you wrap up this part of the story?

I hope they come away with the knowledge that there is always light at the end of even the darkest tunnel. Sometimes we get so lost in ourselves that we forget how much love and light there is in the world.

  1. What can your readers expect from the EP?

This is so hard to answer without any spoilers. EP is the third and final book in the core part of the series. If you know how The B Side ends then you already know you’re in for some sadness. I’m going to take you deep into that abyss for a while so be prepared. As the book progresses, that will lessen and you will find yourself rooting for Amelia to get back to her happy place. At least, that’s my hope. Just like the first two books the beginning is a slow roll, so you can experience all the feels but the pace does pick up.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t read your previous books…yet and they are on my TBR list for sure. But I want to know the author before this series too.

  1. Which book should I read first from your previous collection?

This is hard because with each book I write I feel like I’ve gotten better. I’d love for you to read The Acceptance Series because I’d love to know what team you pick. But you’d have to read it from the perspective that those are the first books I ever wrote.

  1. Knowing a little bit about me, do you think I will like your other books?

I think you’d like Sharing Rylee and probably Chasing Cassidy. I’m not sure about the others.

  1. Do you feel as though you are a better writer than most other authors because I sure as shit do?

Damn! You made me spit out my drink with this one. No, not at all. I’m really insecure about my writing, to the point that I’m hesitant at times to promote it. But – I love my books and have a lot of loyal readers who make me realize I shouldn’t be so insecure. It’s a process I guess.

  1. Do you find it easier to write from a female POV or a male POV?

I think it depends on the story. If you’d asked me that question before this series I’d say male, hands down. All of my other books alternate POVs, and it was difficult initially to write The Illusion Series from only Amelia’s POV. This series is my absolute favorite though, so I can’t say male anymore. The next book in this series is one you’re going to read from the male POV. I can’t say who – but it will be the victor of the Team Noah vs. Team Sawyer battle.

  1. Are you possessive of your work?

Not really. I’d say I’m possessive of my ideas. There are very few people I share concepts with because – you know – trust issues. I have two author friends I consistently bounce ideas with. Other than them my PA is the only one who knows all my secrets.

  1. How do you feel when you read a shitty review of your book?

Honestly, I don’t really care. I don’t mean that the way it sounds. I’ll read a review and think – fuck that stings. But at the end of the day we all interpret things differently. One of my favorite things about reading is that 100 people can sit down and read the same book, and those 100 people are all going to have varying opinions on it. That’s amazing. Diversity is amazing. Your review for Side A was what 3 stars? But it’s still one of my favorite reviews, not because of the content but because I could feel your honesty and your passion flowing into it. It’s hard to put yourself out there and leave reviews so good or bad they’re very much appreciated. There was a point in time where I was told I should start leaving reviews for my books on Goodreads. Like on my own books. Talk about pushing me outside of my comfort zone. Yikes. So, I sat back and I reviewed my first book. I think I gave it 3.5 stars, and it was a pretty long review. Then I sent it out in a blog post. I must have been drunk. Over the next year, an incredible thing happened. I started getting messages and seeing reviews that said things like – I was going to DNF this book but then I read the review by the author. Everything I was hating she mentioned, so I decided to keep reading and she was right – it got better and I loved the rest of the series.

That goes back to honesty, if I can’t be honest about my own books how can I expect anyone else to be? I haven’t kept up with the self reviews though. Maybe one day I’ll go back to it.

I just want you to know that it was hard as hell asking questions about Just An Illusion without giving anything away. But I’m proud of myself for making it through.

I want to play a little game here. I’ll ask a question and I want you state the first thing that comes to your mind, no take backs.

  1. Backpacking or luxury hotel? Hotel
  2. Top or bottom? Bottom
  3. The world would be a better place if….. people would treat others the way they want to be treated.
  4. Do you think life is fair? Hell no.
  5. Car sex or bathroom sex? Bathroom sex.

My last question is very serious…

  1. Who in your life right now makes you smile the most?

My kids. That answer will probably always be my kids. They’re grown men now at 24 and 19 but they just make life better in every way. Can you tell I’m a proud mama?

Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview, it means more to me than may know. I could go on for at least another 20+ questions but I’m not going to push my luck, even though I have a feeling you would still answer them. You’ve always been so sweet to me, even when I was rambling in your inbox about all the feelings your books gave me. I would have ignored me if I were you.

I hope my questions weren’t too personal but if they were I’m only 30% sorry because I truly am a nosey chick.

Haha – I’m a nice person and I don’t ignore well but I was happy when you sent me that message because I make it a habit not to reply to reviews. Good or bad -but I really wanted to pick your brain! Thank you for asking me to do an interview for you. My inbox is always open for you 😊

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