I’m a 35 year old wife of one, mom of two, sister of two, daughter of two, and a registered nurse of an endless count of patients and their families.

Books are my therapy!!! When I’ve had a rough day at work, I read a book. When I need some kid free time, I read a book. When my husband is getting on my nerves, I cheat on him with a book boyfriend  🙂 LOL!!!

I just love to read. Why watch the Real Housewives of Whoever when you can read a good book?!?!……that doesn’t mean books don’t have their fair share of drama…..

This isn’t your normal book blog. This blog is written as if I was actually talking to you. It may even seem all over the place but that’s how I am in real life. I want a blog that represents me, just crazy ass Danielle. I hope you enjoy 😉

I try to post my book reviews right after reading them so I can get all of my emotions out nice and fresh. No sugar coating. Be careful of spoilers, ok?

Let’s chat, shall we?