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Pretty Mess Reading 2021 Reading Challenge

Have you been searching for the ultimate Reading Challenge for 2021? Join me for the 2021 Reading Challenge and read a book every two weeks. Do you want to up your reading game in 2021? I know I do. Well, I have the ultimate challenge for you – the Pretty Mess Reading 2021 Reading Challenge! […]

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Writing Diverse Characters Correctly

Let me tell you about the only diversity writers program you’ll need. I’m here to share how writing diverse characters is a great way to bridge some of the racial divides in the world. You want to write a book? Awesome. You want to write a book with diverse characters? Wonderful. You want to write […]

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10 Captivating Books Like Bridgerton

Have you watched Bridgerton on Netflix yet? If you haven’t, you are missing out. If you have already binge-watched the entire series, I have 10 books like Bridgerton that will bring you just as much joy as the series. Dearest book lover, if you happened upon this blog post, you must have liked or watched […]

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February 2021 Book of the Month

February 2021 Book of the Month choices are available now! It’s time to decide which of the five books you want to arrive at your door. It’s time to pick your Book of the Month for February 2021. Book of the Month is my all-time favorite book subscription service. I’ve had many over the years […]

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14 March 2021 Book Releases

March is my BIRTHDAY month, so it’s only right if I let you know the most-anticipated March 2021 book releases. I need my book friends to celebrate my birthday with here and check out this list. I was lucky enough in 2020 to celebrate my birthday before the county went into lockdown. Unfortunately, we did […]

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15 Best Thriller Books 2021

Look Out! These best thriller books of 2021 will keep you on your toes. You might even have a few dreams that will keep you up. I’m giving you a sweet warning. I don’t know about you but 2020 gave us so many great thriller books that I became hooked. Granted, 2020 was its own […]

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31 Most Anticipated YA Books of 2021

Looking for book club recommendations on the most anticipated ya books 2021? Just choose one of these top 31 new YA books for 2021. If I’m being honest, I could easily write pages upon pages about how excited I am to read all of the most anticipated YA books for 2021. This upcoming year is […]

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19 Most Anticipated January 2021 Book Releases

Trying to figure out what to read in 2021? Here are the best of the best January 2021 book releases. Check out what’s getting all of the attention for the month. The beginning of the 2021 is almost here. Before you know it, The end of the year is rushing upon is fasting than ever. […]

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Hate to Love Romance Books You’ll Love to Hate

Every person who loves romance novels understands the beauty of hate to love romance books. There is nothing more fun than reading characters arguing and then loving. It’s great. I was in my twenties when I first fell in love with romance novels. It was like opening up a whole new, beautiful world. I couldn’t […]

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Christmas Romance Novels to Fall in Love With

There’s nothing like falling in love during the holidays. It’s even more fun will you fall in love within the pages. Here’s a list of Christmas romance novels to fall in love with. One of my favorite things about romance books is falling in love with the characters. I love reading their love stories unfold. […]

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11 Captivating Books About Friendships

Honor the friendships that have played a role in your life with these wonderful and delightful books about friendships. Rumor has it that a good book is just like a best friend. Fore me that that rumor holds a lot of truth in my life. I have three best friends and a handful of close […]

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December Book of the Month 2020

December Book of the Month 2020 choices are available now! It’s time to decide which of the five books you want to arrive at your door. It’s time to pick your Book of the Month for December 2020. Book of the Month is my all-time favorite book subscription service. I’ve had many over the years […]

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21 Books Like The Queen’s Gambit

Did The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix pull you in as it did me? Want to find more books like The Queen’s Gambit? Well, check out this list. It hasn’t been long since The Queen’s Gambit made its streaming debut on Netflix, and it’s breaking records with the number of views it’s getting. If you haven’t […]

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10 Contemporary Black Authors You Need to Read

With everything going on in today’s society, I thought I would share a few special books that I’ve read, here is my list of books by contemporary black female authors – brilliant works by fierce women that everyone should read. Each person picks up a book for their own reason. It may be to escape […]

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Tramp by Mary Elizabeth – Book Review

Tramp is truly a 4.5 STAR book. It’s been too long since I’ve read a Mary Elizabeth book, almost two years. Too since her last book. She’s been hiding from us. But, I’m not mad about it because she has come back strong. Mary Elizabeth is not playing around with this book. I’m going to […]

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