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After I read Vicious, I knew L.J. Shen was an author I needed to catch up with. To bad, so sad for me, due to my crazy busy beginning of 2017, I hadn’t gotten around to reading more of her books. But you already know I had to read Defy because it was a big part of Vicious. You can check out that review here.

We got a little glimpse of Jamie from Vicious and I was curious about his relationship with his teacher turned love and wife. Introducing Defy by L.J. Shen. Let me tell you, baby girl killed it. It was the perfect novella. FYI – I know his name is spelled Jaime in the book but I just couldn’t rock with that so I’m spelling it my way. Sorry L.J.

I’m going to keep it real pretty here, I hope to at least. I never know what I’m going to write before I start so who knows what I’m going to say.

Let’s start with a word from the author…


Defy is a smutty, insta-love, insta-lust short novella. It is a prequel to Vicious (Sinners of Saint #1) and can be read as a complete standalone with a HEA.

My name is Melody Greene, and I have a confession to make.
I slept with my student, a senior in high school.
Multiple times.
I had multiple orgasms.
In multiple positions.
I slept with my student and I enjoyed it.
I slept with my student and I’d do it all over again if I could turn back time.
My name is Melody Greene, and I got kicked out of my position as a teacher and did my walk of shame a la Cersei Lannister from the principal’s office, minutes after said principal threatened to call the cops on me.
My name is Melody Greene, and I did something bad because it made me feel good.
Here is why it was totally worth it


Here we go…

Quick disclaimer… I normally steer clear of high school love affairs because I’m a grown ass woman and reading about teenagers having sex if not on my to do list. This was not that for me. Jamie is wise beyond his years (and legal) and Melody is 26 years old so I let myself enjoy this one. 

Can I say that I just adored Jamie?! He was just the sweetest thing ever. I mean, the boy could do no wrong in my book. Jamie was not your average 18 year old boy, oh no honey… Jamie was an above average 18 year old man and with the tongue to prove it may I add.

His heart – huge.

His loyalty – unwavering.

His friendship – priceless. 

His sex game – fucking perfect.

Jamie looked like the lovechild of Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum, and I was not making this shit up. Sandy-blond hair tied into a low, messy bun, indigo eyes, and the body of a male stripper. – Melody

Melody was perfect for him, they made the most beautiful pair. I could read about them all day, everyday. Too bad this was just a novella and only 136 pages, I would have loved a 400 page read of them.

A little forbidden love is always sexy. Jamie and Melody were EVERYTHING! I just couldn’t get enough. Melody knew she shouldn’t get involved with her student but she couldn’t resist either and I can’t blame her. It’s not like she had much of a choice in the matter because Jamie had no intention of taking no for an answer. The boy took stalking to a whole new, sexy as fuck level. Melody didn’t stand a fucking chance.

Jamie made me wish I would have given 18 year olds a chance back in the day. I thought I was too grown at 18 to even consider dating one but if they were anything like Jamie, I missed out.

“Ms. Greene, this is going to happen.” – Jamie

What made it worse for Melody was the fact that Jamie’s mother also happened to be her boss and his mom couldn’t stand her ass. Yassss! The shit was real. Luckily for her, he couldn’t give a flying fuck. Jamie only wanted Melody and no one and nothing was going to get in the way of that, not even his mother. Who was a bitch, BTW.

Not even Vicious was safe when it came to Melody. Jamie was ready to knock his ass out if he fucked with Melody in anyway. When he chocked Vicious out for disrespecting her I think I died. Who knew Vicious could be put in his place?! That was just another reason why I feel in love with Jamie. He wasn’t going to allow anyone for any reason to hurt Melody.

I loved Jamie’s cockiness. There is nothing more sexy than a man who is confident as fuck, can fuck, has a big cock, and loving. That’s every woman’s wet dream.

“Men with big cocks have fragile heart. You know the saying: big cock, big heart. Well, I’m proof it’s true.” – Jamie

It may have started out as just sex for Melody but keeping Jamie is friends with benefits category was something neither one of them could do. When you have someone putting it down in the bedroom and giving you emotional support without you asking for it, feelings were bound to happen.

It became apparent that Jamie wanted more of Melody than just her body, he wanted her heart. Little did she know, Jamie was willing to hand his over to her without question. He didn’t care if he couldn’t fuck her, he wanted to be around her.

“Just to give you a heads-up – I’m on my period.”

“You don’t say. You hid it so well. Like I said, I’m here to hang out.”

She could be on her period giving him nothing but attitude and he still wanted to be around her. That’s a man who wanted a woman.

It became obvious very quickly that Jamie would move heaven and earth for Melody. Pain was something Jamie never wanted Melody to feel again. He only wanted her to feel his love which made him want to take all of her pain away.

Your pain is mine, and I want to shoulder it, because I can. Because that’s what I do. I carry my pain all the time. Let me take away yours. – Jamie

Even though I knew what the outcome of their relationship was going to be from reading Vicious, I didn’t care. I had no problem learning how they got there. If anything, it made the story even better for me.

Jamie kept ever promise he ever made to Melody even taking her to Europe and knocking her up. Jamie was going to be the perfect father as well. There was no doubt in my mind that about that.

Who knew an 18 year old could find the love of his life in his 26 year old teacher? Even more, who knew he would stay faithful and be okay with being locked down at such a young age.

Do I recommend this book? Yes!

Will I read it again? Of course!

Am I glad I read it? Hell to the yes!

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