What I loved about The Ones That Got Away (The Fish Tale Book 4) by Suanne Laqueur 


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I have just finished The Ones That Got Away (The Fish Tale Book 4) series by Suanne Laqueur  which is last book of The Fish Tale Series.

In the words of Boyz to Men – “It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.”  It’s so hard to say goodbye to The Fish Tale Series for now. I have read all 4 books, so my love affair with Erik has come to an end. I’m sure I will re-read the series at some point in the future.

I am going to keep it pretty on this one. Maybe just a wee bit messy I promise.

FYI, I have been dying to create a pic of Lucky and Will. I hope you like!

First a word for the author…



Plenty of fish in the sea. But none like the ones that got away.

Author Suanne Laqueur gives her readers an intimate, guided tour of the award-winning novel, The Man I Love. From the embryonic chapters written over twenty years ago to scenes cut from the final draft, you’ll witness the crafting of an emotional journey and the evolution of the beloved characters within The Fish Tales.


Let’s get into it…

It pretty obvious that you need to read the previous books before this one, as this is a behind the scenes book.

Can we please give a round of applause to our author Suanne Laqueur for giving the reading a front row seat to the creative process of the series! I enjoyed learning the way Suanne’s mind worked and how she created the characters. Everything was so informative. I’m sure other authors have done this before but I haven’t seen it.

I am now going to share with you one my favorite parts of the book… Will and Lucky! Yasssss! We get to know them in a way we didn’t from the other books.

Hold on, that’s not true…we got to know them pretty well in the other books.

We get to know them on a personal level. I just loved them so, so much. Even better than that, a few of my lingering questions were answered.

I never understood why Daisy didn’t go to Erik after he found her in bed with David. I blamed her (still do) for why Erik left and didn’t come back. I hadn’t thought about Erik and Lucky’s role in Erik leaving the day Daisy cheated on him. Suanne, being the brilliant writer that she is answered a question I didn’t even know I had…

Did Will play a role in Erik leaving the way he did?

Will’s regret that horrible day…

I wouldn’t have left him alone at Colby Street. Dumbest thing ever. Telling Dais not to go over there, leaving him to stew in rage and pack up and leave. Idiotic. If I could go back, I would’ve slashed his tires, for starters. Then I would’ve parked outside his bedroom and not moved. Or lay down in the driveway. Or better, I would’ve thrown Dais into his room, barricaded the door and not let them out until…something happened. Or someone died. I don’t know. Giving him space was the wrong tactic, I know that now. – Will

Well, thank fuck! I have been waiting for someone to say something of the sort. Someone  to acknowledge that they should have fought for Erik. No one put up a good fight for him and I just wanted them to say that. To say they could have done better. To say they wish they had done better. – Thank you Suanne for giving this to me (I know it wan’t for me, really but I’m going to pretend that it was).


Will loved everything about Lucky. He loved when she asked him questions about himself. They never lied to each other, the truth was always an vital part of their relationship. Lucky wasn’t afraid to ask those hard questions. So when it came down to his sexual orientation, she was blunt. My kind of girl.

I spoke about my fear of dating a bisexual man in my review of Here To Stay, book 3 – check it out. Suanne addressed Will’s bisexuality in this book which I loved by the way. I felt closer to Will after he explains his feelings for men vs. women. Will’s love for Erik is also addressed here more in depth.

Again, I getting answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. I mean, I wondered but I never expected an answer so I chose not to think much about it.

“It’s like a craving,” he said, turning his cheek on his crossed arms. “It’s always a physical urge. I just start jonesing for that kind of connection and if I’m not involved with anyone, I’ll go for it.”

I know that’s not how all bisexual men feel but it was not to get inside of Will’s head for a bit. And there is so much more to get to know so you should really pick up the book. Even with Lucky. I knew I liked her from the other books but now I love her.

I really enjoyed this book for what it had to offer. It was the perfect finishing touch to an amazing series. Thank you Suanne for gifting your readers with this behind the scenes book.

I kept it pretty so I’m going to end this one by adding a few pics of my Erik, Daisy, Will and Lucky. TTYL







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