VIP (VIP #1) by M. Robinson 


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This book just took me back to my partying days from Miami to New York to Las Vegas to L.A. to London! Just everywhere and everything. Let’s just say I partied like a rock star. Sometimes I still do depending on my mood or current situation.

VIP (VIP #1) by M. Robinson  gave me life. Yassss, honey, yassss. This book was everything. Can we have moment of silence so I can collect my thoughts? I’m not one of those reviewers who sit and stew trying to figure out what to write. No, I figure it all out as I’m writing. Nothing is planned.

I am going to get real messy with this one because I have personal experience in the lifestyle portrayed in this book. So let’s get into it…

First a quick word for the author…


Ysabelle They say in order to find yourself you have to go home, but what if home is what you’re escaping from. I went to Miami to discover myself; never in my wildest dreams, did I think home would become a three-letter word. VIP. I was the dream. I was the illusion. I was the fantasy. Until him… Everything went to hell in hand basket the moment we laid eyes on each other. I wanted him. He wanted me. Sebastian I have always been a man who made decisions based on other people’s feelings, wants, and desires. I was selfless. I never wanted to hurt anyone. Especially her. The moment I met her… I wanted her. I loved her. For the woman she was. For the woman she wanted to be. But most of all… For the woman she was, when she was with me. This isn’t a love story, but a story about love. Warning sex/drugs/language. Mature readers only.


Here we go…

For this review you may see me write “my bitch” and I want you to understand it is a term of endearment. I know it’s sounds crazy but it’s me.

Ysabella is my type of bitch, I fucking loved her. Not only is she sexy as fuck, she’s also a bad ass. Can we talk about her ass?! I’m not a lesbian but I’ve had fun from time to time if you know what I mean, but I love a woman’s ass. Maybe it’s a black thing as well. You know ass is a big thing in the black community. Nonetheless, I just loved the way her body was described in this book.

But she did what she had to do to survive since she was a child with a crack whore mother.

I gave my first hand job when I was thirteen, sucked my first dick when I was fourteen, got finger fucked when I was fifteen, and had sex when I was sixteen. – Ysabella

Oh, Sebastian… I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do with him. He got on my nerves, a lot but… I don’t freaking know! He just reminded me of a lot of men I’ve met in my day. I mean, he was sweet and he meant well but he really needed to grow some balls. His indecisiveness was giving me a headache. He’s lucky he was sexy and rich because otherwise he would have had to go. But I did like him to a certain extent. He could never be put on my book boyfriend list but I can see why he might be on others.

I would still sleep with him because he’s sexy and can fuck. I just wouldn’t date him.

Before I go any further I want to give you a wee bit of info about me. I worked as a cocktail waitress at one of the most famous strip clubs in Las Vegas. We always had some actor, basketball/football/baseball player, prince, lord, CEO, CFO’s, etc. at the club. As a cocktail waitress I was propositioned all day everyday but I mostly helped the men find the kind of girl they were looking for. I was always invited to exclusive parties and whatnot. But that life has many downfalls and I feel victim to one of the worst. And when I got pregnant with my son I knew that I had to let that life go, so I did. It was fun while it lasted and I don’t regret any of it.

So yes, I understood Ysabella very much. I know loads of escorts and two of my lifetime friends were escorts and I have mad respect for the business.

Enough about me, let’s talk about this book.

Here was my problem with Sebastian, he was too busy trying to live his life for Julia that he forgot to live for himself.

I did feel bad that he never got a chance to explore falling in love with Olivia. It must have been hard. I’ve been in a similar situation before and it’s not easy. Unrequited love is a bitch.

He loved Julia but he was never in love with her. Julia was in love with him and because he loved her as a person he accepted her love. I can’t be mad at Julia for Sebastian’s behavior, he bought it onto himself. First he was afraid to love Olivia because he didn’t want to hurt Julia and she ended up dead. Then he feel in love with an Olivia look-a-like and broke Julia’s heart anyways.

I knew then and there that this one time was never going to be enough for me. – Sebastian

He got himself a piece of that Very Important Pussy and didn’t know what to do with himself. LOL! Ysabella made him feel things Julia never did or really could for that matter. Their connection was palpable and intense. All you had to do was be in the same room of them to feel it. Love can’t be hidden where it is and they had it.

I knew in my heart that it didn’t matter, I was destined to meet Ysabelle. We were meant to cross paths. For whatever fucked up reason she came into my life, I couldn’t let her go. -Sebatian

And when he finally decided to grow some balls and fight for Ysabella he picked the wrong fucking time and place. Like seriously, in the middle of a fucking gala you decide you want to fight for her. Get the fuck out of here!

Side note: Let me tell you what would have been cause for Sebastian to lose his life – If you ever have my son around your side piece, you better pray I never find out. That was disrespectful ass shit. You can do whatever you want to do with her but the second you involve my kids all bets are off. I will slice you!

I felt Ysabella pain like it was my own. I’ve seen her story more times than I would have liked. I don’t think she became an escort because of her upbringing, little rich girls do it all the time, I’ve seen it.

After her upbringing and career of choice she never lost her self-worth. No matter how many people, even Sebastian, tried to make her feel less than because of her career choice. There are so many people who fuck for free… Why not get paid for it while living a beautiful life?

Ysabella knew Sebastian was meant to be in her life from the second they bumped into each other. Their was something about him that she couldn’t ignore as much as she wanted to. Due to her life thus far, opening up her heart was out of the question or so she thought. Let’s play pretend and say her heart was open – Could she love a married man? Could a married man respect her?

We’d spend our couple of days together, he would go home to his family, and I would go home to my men. – Ysabella

Being the other woman sucks!

But Sebastian wasn’t really feeling the idea of Ysabella with any other men so he paid thousands of dollars a month for her “time” so she wouldn’t see anymore men. For almost a fucking year. Do you know how much money that was? Considering a weekend getaway could cost $80,000 easy. That’s a lot of money for some pussy. Just saying. He must have loved the girl.

All in all, I FLOVED this book and I look forward to reading the rest of the VIP Series. I want to read more of M. Robinson books!

I got pretty messy on this on so I need to clean up. TTYL!






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