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Hello there, Vicious! I want you know that you are my favorite asshole and there are many who think the same as me. Now, I can be an asshole too and can give as good as I get, so don’t get to asshole-like with me. JK! You can be as much of an asshole as you’d like, it will most likely turn me on! It’s time to interview Baron Spencer aka Vicious from Sinners of Saints.

Vicious by L.J. ShenI have a few friends who wanted to ask you a few questions.

This question is from Milana L. . . What are you thinking right now?

Vicious: “I’m thinking my wife is hot as shit and she is sitting right across from me while I’m answering an email instead of fucking her.”

Mabel H. wants to know if Emilia still paints and if she ever painted her own portrait to match yours?

Vicious: “Yeah, Em still paints. It’s in her fucking blood, I don’t think anything or anyone can stop her. She owns a gallery in Los Feliz, but does most of her work at home. And no, she’s never painted that portrait of herself. Thought it’d be too creepy to look at. I beg to differ, but whatever.”

Sherelle R. has quite a few questions for you but I’ll try to condense them a wee bit. When you sent Emilia away did you plan on getting her back? Was giving up ever an option?

Vicious: “Giving up was never an option. She was mine from the moment she was born and will stay mine until the very fucking end. Pretty sure we needed those years between us to dilute all the shit that went down when we lived next to each other. It wasn’t a beautiful journey, but it was ours, and I wouldn’t change it. Not for the world.”

Sherelle R. also had a question from “a friend”? Did you ever fuck Emilia whilst looking at the portrait of yourself?

Vicious: “Three times a week at least. And the portrait is not even in our bedroom.”

Jaci T. wants to know . . . What was it exactly that drew you to Emilia and why couldn’t express your feelings initially and avoid all the heartache?

Vicious: “What drew me to Emilia? Fucking everything. She was perfect, pure and good. She was the essence of innocent, and therefore a blunt contradiction to everything I stood for. I hated seeing myself through her eyes. Being together when we were teenagers was never an option. Never. I was too angry and she was too much to handle. Besides, I don’t think eighteen-year-old Vicious was capable of changing the way he had to to deserve her.”

These next few questions are from Christina B and she wants to get into your new family life. . .

  • How do you like being a father?

Vicious: “It’s great. I wasn’t so hot on sharing Em before Vaughn arrived, but he’s the coolest dude I know. There’s something fascinating about watching your mini-me finding their own way in the world.”

  • Do you and Emilia have any plans to have more children?

Vicious: “I’m fine with kids. If she wants to have more, we’ll have more. If she doesn’t, we won’t. Up to her. I’m not the one carrying it around and waking up five goddamn times a night for to breastfeed (thanks for that, Vaughn.)”

  • Could you please tell us something about Vaughn?

Vicious: “He’s a Badass with a capital B. We share the same fire, but whereas I had my reasons to direct mine toward hatred, he is just a force to be reckoned with. He has a lot of friends, and even though he can be a dick sometimes–that’s genetics for you–he is the kind of dick you can easily forgive, because he’s got his mom’s smile.

Last one from your fans.

Aziza S. wants to know. . . How often did you think of Emilia for the 10 years you were apart?

Vicious: “Every single moment. I thought about her when I was talking numbers, when I was working, when I was pretending to laugh, when I was pretending to feel. I thought about her with other women. When I had company or when I was completely alone. I thought about her when I was asleep and awake. I thought about her even when I didn’t think of her. At some point, I was sure her vision was permanently on my brain and that I’d have to put up with this torture of thinking about her but not having her for the rest of my life.”

Now, I have a few questions myself. I’m going to start with 5 questions that only require a 1-2 word answer.


  1. Smack on the butt or kiss on the cheek hello?

Vicious: “Smack on the butt for Em, smack on the cheek for everyone else.”

  1. Top or bottom?

Vicious: “Em’s choice. I’d die before I make this decision.”

  1. Kinky or romantic?

    Vicious: “Kinky.”

  1. Hair pulled or scratches on your back?

 Vicious: “See answer number two.” 

  1. Tits or ass?

Vicious: “Ass.”

Here’s a question everyone wants to know. How is Trent doing these days with little Luna?

Vicious: “Who the fuck knows? He disappears on weekdays, shows up somber and fucked-up on the weekends. I get that he is struggling, but I know a dark secret when I see one. His is big.”

Between you and I, who’s your favorite HotHole?

Vicious: “Jaime.”

I always thought it was so adorable when you followed Em home from work week after week. That was so surprising to me. Were you surprised at how far you went to get Em back?

Vicious: “The thing about going far for another person, is that you don’t plan on it. There wasn’t a love declaration or a fucking plan. There was sheer, desperate, what-the-fuck-am-I-going-to-do need to go to her. To see her every day. To ignore my raging fucking ego. I think I was too consumed with the situation to be surprised by it.”

What advice would you give 18-year-old Vicious?

Vicious: “Chill the fuck out.”

Last question – In another lifetime could you see us being together for a night or forever? I’m okay with a night, just so you know.

Vicious: “In another lifetime, where a girl with a lavender hair doesn’t have my heart in a chokehold–yeah.”

Thank you for playing 20 questions and letting me interview you. I can’t wait to see what you get up to next!

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TTYL, lovers. . .

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