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The Upside of Downsizing by Sara B. Hart

Genre: Self-help book

Length: 134 pages

First Published: June 25, 2018

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Publisher’s Description

The art of downsizing is getting to the point where you have just enough; a point of sufficiency and satisfaction. This book focuses on the emotional side of downsizing. It is not about the practicalities of sorting and selling and donating, but how it feels to do all that, to get rid of your children’s favorite toys, even if your children now are forty years old with their own children. How it feels to discard years’ worth of pictures of family vacations, holidays, celebrations.

The disappointment and disbelief when those things you’ve been saving “for the children” are not wanted by them. Sara holds nothing back as she talks about her pain and sadness and exhaustion. She also shares her sense of relief and of lightness as she gets closer to realizing she has just enough; that all the stuff is completely unnecessary for her sense of sufficiency and of joy. As you read about her emotional journey, you will know you’re not alone during yours.

You will find Sara a caring, light-hearted, funny companion along the way, offering helpful hints on how to communicate effectively with Real Estate Agents, Professional Downsizers, Stagers, friends, and family. She offers sage advice about taking care of yourself during the process and understanding what “getting to enough” means and how it can be so helpful to you.

About Sara B. Hart

Dr. Hart has been involved in helping to develop leaders and effective teams inside organizations for 30+ years. Prior to founding her own management consulting company, Hartcom, Sara was in charge of Training and Development for the research division of Pfizer both in the US and the UK. She has facilitated hundreds of groups and presented to scores of meetings. Visit author’s website→

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