Surprise Yourself by Lisa Currie


We all need a little help sometimes.

We all need to step outside of our comfort zone from time to time.

We all need a chance to surprise ourselves.

Surprise Yourself by Lisa Curries gives us the ability to complete all of the three above things.

This isn’t going to be your normal review, it’s not a review at all. What I want to share with you is a book that gives you a chance to join the real world for a wee bit.



Make every day a new beginning with this lively illustrated journal from the author of Me, You, Us

Brimming with fun and quirky ways to learn, create and grow, this charming journal presents simple activities to make every day count. Prompts include:

Compliment a stranger 
Be a tourist in your own town for the day 
Steal someone else’s morning routine 
Go stargazing – Invent a new recipe 
Let a dog take you for a walk 
Revisit a place from your childhood 
Organise a treasure hunt 
Start a club – Romance yourself 
Learn a few words of a new language 
Interview the oldest woman you know. 

Filled with delightful illustrations and plenty of room to record your own reflections and insights, this is a DIY happiness guide to share with a friend or use as a secret personal playbook for jump-starting each day. Flip to any page and begin!


Have A Good Cry Together

Invite a friend or loved one to join you in this experiment, maybe someone you don’t often (or ever) get too emotional with.

Sometimes as book lovers we find it easy to forget about the outside would and need a little push to bring us back to reality. I know I need do. If I didn’t have to do grown up shit I would probably read at least 12 hours a day, easily. With Surprise Yourself you have to step up and be present, even for a little bit.


It’s pretty obvious that my daughter thinks her mommy, me, is a pretty lady as she came up with the name of this blog. I don’t always want to be pretty mommy, I want to be funny, playful, strong, and/or creative. This book gives you the push to be more and do more.  It’s crazy fun too!


We all love to receive compliments of course but it’s just as much fun to give compliments as well. It makes me feel good to make other feel good. Giving someone else a new reason to love themselves can be so rewarding.

There are many, many, many ways to spread a little love in this crazy world but we oftentimes forget to do it. Surprise Yourself has so many examples and activities to extend some extra love to the world.

My absolute favorite push in the book is to. . .


Think of a plan you recently made and were excited about, but then something got in the way so it never happened. Find a way to do it anyway, this week!

I want to ask everyone to just a take a minute to enjoy a little bit more in life. This book is an awesome way to start.


TTYL, lovers. . .

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