I Can’t With This One. This Book Is Just NASTY! Road to Nowhere: The Good Ol’ Boys Spin Off by M. Robinson


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Let’s just right into this fuckery, shall we?!
This book is NASTY, just down right NASTY. You’re going to see me use the word, nasty, a lot. Fair warning! 🙂

There is no way in hell I could ever rock with a story that has a grown ass man finding some strange connection with a 9 year old little girl. I just can’t! I don’t care if this book was able to solve world peace, it’s not right to think about a 9 year old child when you go home at night. A 9 year old child should never, ever, ever be on a grown man’s mind.

I was so excited to read Road to Nowhere: The Good Ol’ Boys Spin Off by M. Robinson too. I just wanted to read El Diablo (The Devil)first. Let’s just say, I’m glad I read El Diablo first because if I read Road to Nowhere before that, I would have never picked up El Diablo.

This wasn’t my first M. Robinson but it may be my last for quite sometime. I just can’t! I seriously can not with M. Robinson right now! IDK, I might read Crave Me: The Good Ol’ Boys because of the connection with El Diablo.

Normally, I create these cute little graphics to go with my reviews but I’m not wasting my time and energy into that shit. Instead, I’m going to use some good old gifs. Plus, I’m going to get messy as hell.

But first a word from the author…


I once read that every warrior hoped an honorable death would find him. I always went looking for mine, but not even the Reaper wanted me.
I was trained to kill. I was trained to not ask why. To take orders and just march in line. Hooah motherfucker.
Life or death.
Ride or die.
And I’m not only talking about the military. I’m talking about the life that led me on the road to nowhere.
My life.
I fought for my brothers.
I fought for my family.
I fought for my country.
And I fought for her…

Never realizing I might die for them too.


Let’s get messy…

I going to paint a little picture of Creed’s mindset here. Creed grew up surrounded by the Motorcycle Club life or MC if you will. His father was the president of their MC and was raising Creed to take his place. He was raising Creed to be a heartless murderer like he was. And he became actually that, a cold hearted killer.

“I was eleven. Woke up in the middle of the night with my dick in her mouth. Lasted about twenty seconds once she started ridin’ me. Couldn’t tell you what she looked like in the dark. Pops needed to make sure his firstborn son loved pussy as much as he does and he wasn’t raisin’ a homo.” – Creed

Creed knew that the drugs, alcohol, killing, etc. was bad, but he loved every minute of it. He gave no fucks and enjoyed the MC lifestyle, especially the whores. By 18 he had already fucked his fair share of them.

God didn’t want us.

And Hell would spit us the fuck out.

Now granted, I like my bad boy just as much as the next one but Creed wasn’t a bad boy, he was a dick. He wasn’t a sexy asshole, he was a piece of shit.

Let’s now have Mia – the 9 year old girl enter the picture. He runs into her at a beach and they talk, she develops a crush and he develops a need to protect her. Why? I don’t know. He doesn’t even know the kid. But he does go home and think about her. He goes home and thinks about a 9 year old CHILD!!!!!! NASTY!!!!!

Creed grew up with one of our heroines, Autumn. She should have been the only heroine, considering she was the only one of legal age. But we will get into that later.

Let us all give a round of applause for Creed, as he knew he was no good for Autumn.

Autumn needed a man that would always put her first. She was need as all hell, always had been. I couldn’t provide her with that anymore, it was an offer that would never be on my table for us. My priority was the club, Noah, and my mother. I didn’t have the time to be the man she thought I was, the man she deserved. It fucking exhausted me just thinking about it, let alone being that person for her.

I didn’t let that stop her from flirting with me, though. – Creed.

Oh, well aren’t you just sweet. Knowing you don’t want to be with the girl but leading her own anyway. The man of my dreams. I resend my applause.

Autumn ass wasn’t any better, letting this piece of shit walk all over her. Because Autumn and Creed grew up together he did try not sleep with her for a while but they still acted like a couple for a few years. This was more of a one sided relationship, though. Autumn wasn’t sleeping with anyone while Creed was fucking the whole city. And what made is worse was that Autumn still hung around like a sad puppy dog.

But wait for it…

When he did finally sleep with Autumn, all he felt was regret.

“I love you,” she sleepily said, coming down from her high. Falling asleep.

Bringing me back to reality.

That I just fucked up.

By. Fucking. Her. – Creed

Isn’t he the perfect book boyfriend? Not!

Autumn was so weak, IMO. They girl could definitely use some self-esteem. I would give her some of mine, but I don’t want to waste it.

Even after she walks in on him having a 3-some, the girl still came back.

“You weren’t supposed to be here, Autumn. Weren’t supposed to see that.”

“Shoulda’ never take you to bed. That was my fuck up. Caused you pain and for that I’m fuckin’ sorry. But this is who I am. This is who I’ve always been, babe. Never lied to you, and you know that.” – Creed

Isn’t he just a mother’s dream? Who wouldn’t want their 9 year old daughter developing a crush on a man like Creed? He’s so amazing… not.

All the while, Mia is wishing Creed would look at her in a sexual way. I believe she was 10 year old by now.

The way he looked at her hurt my stomach, hurt my heart, and I didn’t understand why. I looked down at my girly dress, all of the sudden not feeling good enough. I wanted to look like her. I wanted to be her. If that’s what it took for Creed to look at me the way he looked at her” – Mia

What the hell?! Is that what we are doing now? Having little girls wanting to be sexually desired by grown ass men? I must be really old because I totally missed that memo.

Let’s not forget how she was noticing his body like she was a grown ass woman.

His jeans hung low on his hips, revealing his boxer’s underneath. I couldn’t help but realize how much more defined his body looked now that he wasn’t lying down. He loomed over my small frame in a way I never recognized before. My heart started racing, I could feel it ringing in my ears. Feeling as though he could hear it too, but there was no expression on his face, making it hard to know what he was thinking.

Neither one of us spoke. – Mia


She’s a child. You can’t be writing stuff like that and call it romance.

Oh, wait it’s not romance, its dark romance. I guess that makes it okay.

I’m going to tell you what really pissed me off. M. Robinson has Autumn die in the twin towers on 9/11 which makes Creed enlist in the army. I didn’t care for that because I couldn’t put a man with pedofile type behavior into a war hero. Sorry, I couldn’t do it. I’m not calling Creed is a pedofile because he hadn’t touched Mia in a sexual way at this point, I’m just saying he mad me feel like he could have been one.

When Creed does go to war Mia writes him letters about everything and nothing which as itself isn’t a bad thing. But Creed came to look forward to them, even after he really started becoming sexually attracted to her when she was 15.

It was like she grew up overnight. Wearing makeup, highlighting her bright blue eyes and plump pouty lips that were almost too big for her tiny face. Her dark brown hair long and straight, cascading down her slender back.

Smelling to fucking good.

I shook off the thoughts that could only bring trouble, throwing back some more beers. Trying to ignore the face that Mia wasn’t a baby girl anymore, but a fifteen-year-old turning into a young woman.

One I couldn’t keep my damn eyes off of. – Creed 

I think I just throw up.

And he kisses her too. Somebody please help me, I’m dying over here.

If you read El Diablo you know that Mia gets pregnant by Creeds little brother, Noah. You see, Noah took Mia’s virginity after Creed turned her down after a night of dry fucking each other. But after being a bit pissed off about all that they decided that are finally going to be together. At this point she is 16 years old.

At least M. Robinson waited for them to have sex at 16 years old. She was of legal age of consent in the state of North Carolina.

No laws were actually broken in this book as far as child molestation or statutory rape are concerned. Doesn’t make it less NASTY in my eyes, though.

So yeah, there you have it. I didn’t like it. It was nasty as fuck. It even left off on a cliffhanger and I didn’t even give a fuck. If you’ve read my blog before, you would know how much I despise reading cliffhangers before the next book is out.

I would say I would clean up my mess but fuck that, I ain’t cleaning up any of that NASTY shit. M. Robinson is going to have to do that herself. Even though I doubt she cares about my opinion and even it she did, she’s laughing at my ass straight to the bank. She’d just give me a big fuck you and your opinion.


What is child molestation?

A child molester is any older child or adult who touches a child for his or her own sexual gratification. Child molestation is the act of sexually touching a child. A child is a girl or boy who is 14 years of age or younger.

What is statutory rape?

Statutory rape refers to sexual relations involving someone below the “age of consent.” People below the age of consent cannot legally consent to having sex. This means that sex with them, by definition, violates the law.

What is North Carolina’s law on statutory rape?

Statutory rape is a charge that can result in some serious prison time. You could even be forced to register as a sex offender if convicted. The age of consent inNorth Carolina is sixteen years. Under N.C. law, any individual under the age of sixteen is considered unable to consent to sexual intercourse.


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      1. Well to bad I’ll never meet these monster in public because they camoflage so well… The only way you can get to them an take affirmative action against them is in prison…. I know personally… But its funny how petifiles get the lesser sentence(not blacks) and some one getting caught with a bag of door can get way more time…… I’m just saying…..

  1. What in the actual hell? :O This book sounds like mess and I am so surprised something like this was even published! Good on you for calling out the trash that is this book – I won’t be touching any of M. Robinson’s books now

  2. I know what you’re saying and your feelings about this book, but all the books in The Good Ol’ Boys series are good! Very good!
    You know what I felt towards Road to Nowhere? I felt like it was a completely different author writing it!
    M. Robinson excelled in the The Good Ol’ Boys series!
    Give them a try and let me know!

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