25 Great Gifts for Book Lovers


What do you buy for your favorite bookworm? Well, that’s where this list comes in. I recommend opting for a creative present that highlights their favorite pastime. I’m going to help you find the best gifts for book lovers. These great gifts for book lovers—that aren’t books, mostly—will delight every bibliophile, no matter the genre they prefer.

Think of cozy throws that are perfect for curling up with a quality book, adorable accessories that sparkle that add flair to their shelves,

So, what do you buy a bookworm? We recommend opting for a creative present that highlights their favorite pastime. Think cozy throws made for curling up with a good story, scarves and sweatshirts that proudly proclaim their book nerd status, adorable accessories that’ll add some flair to their shelves, the best glasses for late-night reading sessions, and a DIY library kit so they’ll never again have to track down their most beloved novels.

Great Gifts For Book Lovers List

1. Kindle Paperwhite

great gifts for book lovers

While most book lovers adore the smell of books and holding a physical copy of their favorite novel in their hands, there are just as many who are ready to take a leap of faith into the convenience of ebooks. Not just any eReader, a Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect accessory to a book lovers’ lifestyle. This one is also waterproof, so they can lay back and take a nice long bath without risking ruining their books.

2. Book Page Holder

great gifts for book lovers

I can promise you that book lovers get tired of trying to keep their books open. Here’s a quick solution, the TILISMA Book Page Holder -Handmade Natural Walnut Thumb Bookmark. For comfort’s sake, they’ll appreciate this nifty book page holder that will save their place when they’d rather not themselves.

3. Book of the Month

great gifts for book lovers

Give the gift that keeps on giving with Book of the Month. Get awesome new books delivered to your door in a fun-to-open box. Take your pick of our five carefully chosen selections. Your books will arrive, sometimes with a small surprise tucked inside. Side effects may include: giddiness, daydreaming, and the sudden urge to cancel all your plans. Great gift idea for anyone who loves books.

4. Corner Bookmarks

great gifts for book lovers

How cute are these corner bookmarks? They are completely adorable. You choose how many you want, we pick them for you. Each is hand-folded and packaged with love, designed for you, a bookworm hipster, or someone you know who has an intense, dedicated desire to read with style. The best part is they are only $2.00 with free shipping in the U.S. You can have a field day.

5. 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

great gifts for book lovers

Help them reach their reading goal with this 100 Books Scratch Off Poster with 100 classic must-read books. Your book-loving friend will be so excited to discover new books to read.

6. Book Holder and Travel Pillow

great gifts for book lovers

How perfect is this Book Holder and Travel Pillow?! You have a long flight or car ride ahead and you feel like reading but not the whole time. That’s where this lovely gift comes in. You can whip out this reading pillow and you’re good to go!

7. Tequila Mockingbird

great gifts for book loversCocktails, cocktails, cocktails! Tequila Mockingbird is sharing 65 cocktail recipes that will warm the belly of your favorite book lover. Each cocktail corresponds to a classic novel like Romeo and Juliet. I hope I have one of these under the tree this year.

8. Writer Genius Playing Cards

great gifts for book loversThe next time you have the urge to play cards, I have the perfect set of cards for book lovers everywhere. Writer Genius Playing Cards!

9. Pointing Finger Bookmark

great gifts for book lovers

This pointing finger bookmark showing exactly where you finished reading. Pack of 5 silicone bookmarks: red, yellow, purple, green, blue. Can be used as a book strap as well. Unique and cute design. Great for all ages and genders, men, women, boys & girls.

10. Just One More Chapter Throw Pillow Cover

great gifts for book loversEvery book lover is a fan of seeing their love of books around their home. They can add this literary piece to their home decor. Some may even lay on this great gift for book lovers while reading.

11. LED Reading Book Light

great gifts for book lovers

The perfect gift for book lovers who enjoy reading a lot at night. This LED reading light makes a wonderful stocking stuffer for the bookworms in your life.

great gifts for book lovers

12. Out of Print Tote Bag

great gifts for book lovers

This tote bag is designed to share the joys of reading. Book lovers can use them to carry their most prized possessions – books! No matter the age, this tote is a great accessory.

13. Flippy Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand

great gifts for book lovers

If your favorite book lover can’t step away from their eReader or book, give them a little comfort with the Flippy Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand. Their arms will appreciate this book lover gift more than you know.

14. Desktop Book Organizer

great gifts for book loversThis is such a cute book organizer that can give any bland/boring room some character. Put your books on display with this organizer.

15. Book Beau Pouch

great gifts for book loversGive the bookworm in your life a place to keep their books and eReaders safe with this fun little Book Beau. This also makes for a great stocking stuffer.

16. Cozy Book Socks

great gifts for book lovers

Looking to keep your bookworm nice and toasty? Throw a pair of these cozy book socks in with their Christmas stocking or just as a special gift. Either way, it’s the perfect gift for book lovers.

17. Willow Tree Wisdom Reading Statue

great gifts for book lovers

I adore this Willow Tree Wisdom Reading Statue. I have many Willow Tree statues in my home and that is so precious and meaningful. When you gift this to the book lover in your life, you will be giving them a gift they can treasure for years to come.

18. Wine Glass Book Lover Gift

great gifts for book lovers

There are three things book lovers drink while reading – coffee, tea, or wine. This wine glass with a matching wine label is the perfect accessory for any book club.

19. Table Topics

great gifts for book lovers

Do you ever run out of questions during a book club? Table Topics offers a wide range of questions that will surely make your book club exciting.

20. Just One More Chapter Mug

great gifts for book lovers

We have a book lover gift for wine and now we have one tea or coffee. Every bookworm is guilty of saying “Just One More Chapter” and now they have a mug to prove it.

21. Metal Bookmarks

great gifts for book lovers

A true book lover can never have enough bookmarks. Gift a bookworm a bookmark and watch how their face lights up. We are always losing them so adding more to the collection is paramount.

22. Reading Journal

great gifts for book lovers

Help the book lover in your life by gifting them a journal to keep track of all the books they have read or what they are reading. If they review books online, this will help keep their thoughts on each book organized.

24. Book Club Napkins

great gifts for book lovers

These book club napkins will be a hit at your book lovers’ next book club meeting. There are 30 different sayings to add a bit of spice to any evening.

24. Outlander Scented Candle

great gifts for book loversI don’t know one book lover who doesn’t love Jamie from Outlander. Now they can bring a bit of Scotland home with this scented candle.

25. Bookmarks Are For Quitters Mug

great gifts for book lovers

There is so much to love about this mug. The style stands out to me the most. It gives a bit of old-school mixed with new-school vibes with the colors. I don’t know one bookworm who would adore this mug.

great gifts for book lovers

Which gift are excited to share with you book lover?


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