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reading digital planner

This stunning 7-page reading digital planner is a must for book lovers!  You can access it right on your phone or tablet and has everything you need to keep your book lists, favorite quotes, and favorite books organized.

Digital planning is all the latest craze. I’m not one to follow crazes but I have really gotten into planning out my book reviews and keeping track of what I’m reading in my digital planner.

Keeping a reading log improves your reading habits. You will start reading more often, and you will also find you look for better books since you will be recording them in your book tracker. The reading log keeps a record of the books you’ve read and the author of each book. 

You might be wondering, how do I use a reading digital planner? It actually quite simple.

Here’s a quick video that goes over the basics of how to download and navigate your reading digital planner.

The stylus I use works on the iPhone and iPad, unlike the apple pen that only works on the iPad. I need something similar to the apple pen that would work on my iPhone as I use my planner directly on my phone as well as my iPad mini. You can order one for yourself on Amazon.

Digital planning is perfect for bookworms on the go as well. You no longer have to worry about finding paper to write down the book you have your eye on. Now, all you need to do is make note on you planner right from you phone.

Keeping a book journal will encourage you to track your reading over time and keep a long-term book log.

If you prefer actual paper you can download a free book review guide that you can print out use however you like. I will be releasing the same pages in the digital planner to print if you would like them as well.

reading digital planner

If you use GoodNotes on your phone or tablet, your notes automatically transfer from one to the other. This helps so you don’t have to keep updating one or the other depending on which one you are using at the time.

Are you excited about your very own reading digital planner?


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