Episode 110 – Messy Monday Pimps or Hoes


Since becoming a blogger I have often wondered if I’m appreciated within the book world. Sometimes I feel like I am being taken advantage of.

Bloggers work very hard to put out quility reviews for books but we do we get out of it? I personally enjoy blogging so I guess you can say it makes me happy. What I don’t enjoy is the behind the scene bullshit that goes on.

I don’t like PR companies dictating when I should do something all because they sent me a free ebook. I don’t like being “blacklisted” because I didn’t post or review something in their timeframe.

PR companies get paid from the authors. Bloggers do not. Bloggers blog because we want to. Right now, for me, blogging is starting to feel like a unpaid job. I’m being pimped out. I’m tired of being used and I thought it would be interesting to hear my beautiful sister’s opinion on the matter. Take a listen.

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Hey there! I'm Danielle! I just a girl who loves books. I love books so much that I talk about the stories like they are real. Who knows? Maybe, they are real to me. I do love the book world, it's way better than reality. . .sometimes. . .because. . .I'm also a proud mama bear, wife, and mother!

4 thoughts on “Episode 110 – Messy Monday Pimps or Hoes

  1. asking a blogger to review my stuff gives me complete bubble guts for this very reason. Unless you’re a big name, even then pubs should just be offering an advanced copy of the book and nothing more. Publishers be doin the most!

    1. I don’t mind doing reading and reviewing for author who ask me, I prefer it that way TBH. I find PR companies to be pushy and overbearing. The harassment they post online is even worse if you don’t rate or review a book the way the want you to.

  2. OMG – effing spot on! Seriously, I blog because I am passionate about the books, but it is the most unappreciated thing I have ever done. I guess there are so many bloggers now that even a simple thank you, like, or really any kind of acknowledgment can’t be done. We are definitely hoes! I think that’s the hardest part and why I have started withdrawing from many of the pr companies promotions. Also, a lot of them send the books days before release, and we’re expected to drop everything to read and review. It’s easier to wait until it’s released and just buy it. My frustration has just been brewing on this whole topic, and I could go on forever about the whole thing… Awesome podcast! You’re brave for putting it out there, and you’re sister’s support is pretty great too! =D

    1. Thank you chica! I wish bloggers had more of a voice in the book world. We are expected to praise authors to promote their books so they can line their pockets without sharing our honest opinions. I have a huge problem with being taking for granted and that’s what is happening. We sell their books and 7/10 it is a thankless, free job. It sucks!

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