Episode 109 – Pretty Messy Monday’s EP1


Welcome to the very first episode of Pretty Messy Monday’s!

Pretty Messy Monday’s is the place I get to come to and talk as much shit as I want. I guess I do that already but here I am going to focus on characters from stories that I am not ready to let go of for many reasons.

But today’s episode is going to be more personal which will not be the normal but from time to time I will throw in a few personal ones.

I was blocked on social media from L.J. Shen – who used to be one of my favorite authors until she decided to go and get petty. She took it upon herself to send people nasty messages about me and my blog and it’s only fair that I get a chance to tell my side of the story.

I have supported this little girl’s books for the longest time but because she didn’t like a review I gave her for a book of hers, I became enemy number one. Don’t try to come for me and expect me not to have something to say about it. I didn’t think my review was that bad. I guess some people are just sensitive. If you are going to be in the entertainment business then you need to thicker skin.

Here’s what happens when you dislike a book of someone that you are “cool” with. This is why I don’t like getting close with authors. I will not be used! But, I can get petty!

Remember to follow all things messy. . .

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Hey there! I'm Danielle! I just a girl who loves books. I love books so much that I talk about the stories like they are real. Who knows? Maybe, they are real to me. I do love the book world, it's way better than reality. . .sometimes. . .because. . .I'm also a proud mama bear, wife, and mother!

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