Episode 108 – My Worst Reads Of 2017


I was asked to do a podcast on my least favorite reads of 2017. In this episode I talk about 4 books I could not stand last year. I had a lot of fun recording this podcast because I got to get as messy as I wanted to. I’m a bit messy and pretty petty here but I have valid reasons. I hope you all enjoy!!!!!

Those 4 books are. . .

  • Hit The Spot by J. Daniels
  • The Unrequited by Saffron A. Kent
  • A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart
  • Destroyed by Pepper Winters

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Hey there! I'm Danielle! I just a girl who loves books. I love books so much that I talk about the stories like they are real. Who knows? Maybe, they are real to me. I do love the book world, it's way better than reality. . .sometimes. . .because. . .I'm also a proud mama bear, wife, and mother!

6 thoughts on “Episode 108 – My Worst Reads Of 2017

  1. Loved this!! I love your narration of Staci Hart’s book. Lol. You had me cracking up. I wish there was more. Haha. You should have a podcast just dedicating narrating a book(s).

    1. Thank you so much, Rosaline!!! I’m so happy you liked it. Plus your giving me idea for a future podcast.

  2. Your thoughts on Hit the Spot were spot on. I do like the Dirty Deeds series at all which is so unbelievable since I loved her other two series. Although, I will say I did give Bad for You a chance and its really good. I haven’t read Saffron A Kent, but your review was so damn funny, had me bustin up. I haven’t read a Staci Hart book yet, so I can’t really comment and I can’t get into a Pepper Winter’s book. I still to this day have not finished a book by her.

    1. I’m glad She went a different direction with Bad For You because those first two were 🤭 I can’t for the life me understand how a woman leaving her child while they were actively dying and being raped could be a romantic thing. It turned me completely off from her. I’m excited that you liked it.

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