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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫4.5 OMG ANGSTY STARS💫⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Oh. My. F**king. God. What the fuck did I just read?! Was Kate Stewart trying to give me a heart attack? I had so much anxiety that I skipped to the epilogue at one point – credit to me in the fact that I only read two sentences before I stopped myself. But…seriously… I fell in love with this story.

Drive by Kate Stewart is easily one of my favorites reads of 2017. This is my first Kate Stewart and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of her books.

This review is going to be messy because the story is messy. I mean. . . y’all have to understand that the shit gets real real in this book.

Let’s first hear what the author has to say. . .



Music . . . the heart’s greatest librarian.

The average song is three and a half minutes long; those three and a half minutes could lead to a slow blink, a glimpse of the past, or catapult the soul into heart-shattering nostalgia.

At the height of my career, I had the life I wanted, the life I’d always envisioned. I’d found my tempo, my rhythm. Then I received a phone call that left me off key.

You see, my favorite songs had a way of playing simultaneously. I was in love with one man’s beats and another’s lyrics. But when it came to the soundtrack of a life, how could anyone choose a favorite song? So, to erase any doubt, I ditched my first-class ticket and decided to take a drive, fixed on the rearview.

Two days.

One playlist.

And the long road home to the man who was waiting for me.


If anyone tells you a song is important to them, you should turn it up, close your eyes, and really listen. Because at the end, you will know that person so much better – Unknown

This story was. . .EVERYTHING!

Passion ✔️

Romance ✔️

Angst ✔️

Humor ✔️

Fun ✔️

Sexy ✔️

ROCK-N-ROLL ✔️✔️✔️

Let me warn you that this story is one hell of a love triangle and if that isn’t your thing then this isn’t your book.

This story takes you on a long drive down memory lane of Stella’s love life or lack there of. This drive is Stella’s playlist of her heart and soul. I mean the chick lays her heart out there to bleed. Her drive, listening to her playlist, feeling her feelings on love. . .it was fucking golden. This girl had me in my feelings.

Love doesn’t die, even when you stop feeding it. There is no expiration date on the ache of missing someone you shared your heart, life, and body with. – Stella

Stella is beautiful, talented, funny and spontaneous. She is everything a girl could want in a friend and everything a man could love in a woman. I could see her as my friend, shit, I could see me in her. Stella loved with her whole heart despite it being broken by the lovers she had.

Reid was/is a bad ass. I fell in love with him right off the bat.

Nate, now he took me a good few chapters before I fell in love with him and when I did, I fell hard.

When Stella first meets Reid and Nate she is closed off from love, but life has a way of throwing love at us when we least expect it. Stella had love thrown at her. . . and she wasn’t ready for it.

Love doesn’t die, even when you stop feeding it. There is no expiration date on the ache of missing someone you shared your heart, life, and body with. – Stella


Is he worth it?

He’s sad and he’s beautiful. – Lexi/Stella

At times, reading this book was difficult because the emotions were spilling off of the pages into my mind. I wanted to reach in and find the truth behind the words. I wanted to smack some sense into Stella, Reid, and Nate. I wanted to feel that passion and love that they felt. I wanted it all and then some, yet, I wanted it to stop. That may come across the wrong way here but I wanted it to stop in a good way. There were moments that I didn’t think I was going to make it out okay when story ended.

No, closure was an excuse for some, a scapegoat for others. – Stella


“If I’m not what you need, then go find it. I bared myself to you, and you didn’t have the decency to fall in love with me. I probably will hate you. I fell for you, scared, but I did it anyway.” – Stella

When I started writing this review, I thought I would go into more depth, but in the end, I didn’t. Trust me. . .there is waaaaaayyyyyy more that I want to say but that might ruin the experience for you and I can’t do that. To make up for that I will leave you with my final thoughts.

Drive is more than a love story, it has personality. There is a heart, a soul, a depth, a life. It gave me life. No kidding here folks. I had not read a book in almost two weeks when I picked this book up. I had been sick and in the hospital. I wasn’t in a good head space to read anything. I am so happy that Drive was the book that I choose to break me out of my funk.

Do I recommend this book? Fuck yeah, I do!

Will I read another book by Kate Stewart? I can’t fucking wait because this bitch killed it! I am a forever fan whether her others suck or not – I’m sure they are amazing.

I didn’t get messy at all, I kept it pretty (like me). I kind of wish I did because I could have, but I love you guys too much to give anything away. Read the damn book. Oh, it’s on Kindle Unlimited too.

TTYL, lovers. . .

Follow all things messy. . .

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Wait a minute! I almost forgot to add a song to Stella’s playlist that fits perfectly. IMO, at least.

img_8676 About The Author

Kate Stewart lives in Charleston, S.C. with her husband, Nick, and her naughty beagle, Sadie. A native of Dallas, Kate moved to Charleston three weeks after her first visit, dropping her career of 8 years, and declaring it her creative muse. Kate pens messy, sexy, angst-filled contemporary romance as well as romantic comedy and erotic suspense because it’s what she loves as a reader. A lover of all things ’80s and ’90s, especially John Hughes films and rap, she dabbles a little in photography, can knit a simple stitch scarf for necessity only and does a horrible job of playing the ukulele. Aside from running a mile without collapsing, traveling is the only other must on her bucket list. On occasion, she does very well at vodka.


Hey there! I'm Danielle! I just a girl who loves books. I love books so much that I talk about the stories like they are real. Who knows? Maybe, they are real to me. I do love the book world, it's way better than reality. . .sometimes. . .because. . .I'm also a proud mama bear, wife, and mother!

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