2021 books, book lists, thriller

15 Best Thriller Books 2021

Look Out! These best thriller books of 2021 will keep you on your toes. You might even have a few dreams that will keep you up. I’m giving you a sweet warning. I don’t know about you but 2020 gave us so many great thriller books that I became hooked. Granted, 2020 was its own […]

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2021 books, book lists

31 Most Anticipated YA Books of 2021

Looking for book club recommendations on the most anticipated ya books 2021? Just choose one of these top 31 new YA books for 2021. If I’m being honest, I could easily write pages upon pages about how excited I am to read all of the most anticipated YA books for 2021. This upcoming year is […]

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2021 books, book list

2021 Book Releases – Most Anticipated

Are you excited about the 2021 book releases? Here you will find 10 most-anticipated books coming our way in 2021. Who else is ready for 2020 to be over? It’s been one hell of a year. Between the pandemic, social unrest, presidential election, etc. – it’s been a lot. It’s time to get ready for […]

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