11 Captivating Books About Friendships


Books about Friendship

Honor the friendships that have played a role in your life with these wonderful and delightful books about friendships.

Rumor has it that a good book is just like a best friend. Fore me that that rumor holds a lot of truth in my life. I have three best friends and a handful of close friends. I also have a least 100 books about friendship that are also important to me.

A best friend can pick you up when you’re at your lowest and put a smile on your face. A good book can do the same thing. Each of my friends has helped shaped me into the person I am today just like books about friendships. Reading books where friendships are built and/or tested reminds me of the companionship I’ve formulated in real life.

Check out this list of books about friendships to find the perfect one for you. I truly hope the book you pick brings you the same love that you find with your friends between the pages.

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Books About Friendships

Books about Friendship

In Five Years

by Rebecca Serle

I never cried so much reading this book. This story about the love between best friends pulls, better yet – rips at your heartstrings. You can try to plan out every detail of your life, or you can just live it, taking nothing, no one, and no moment for granted. The time we have now is all we have, and the time to live and love is now. One of the best books I’ve ever read and I’m hugging all of my kiddos even tighter after reading this. More details→

Books about Friendship

Ask Again, Yes

by Mary Beth Keane

Deeply moving. This story really shows how mental health views changed over a few decades. Mental disorders and alcoholism the major effects it had on two families….so many people were affected. A journey filled with love, hope, tragedy, and forgiveness. Definitely recommend the read. More details→

Books about Friendship

Happy & You Know It

by Laura Hankin

Flew through this thanks to the great characters and juicy plot! Happy & You Know It had all of the fun of other books it’s been compared to (Big Little Lies, Nanny Diaries), plus situations and takeaways about wellness, motherhood, and influencer culture that are thoroughly modern. More details→

Books about Friendship

Books about Friendship

The Authenticity Project

by Clare Pooley

This was an easy and captivating listen in heavy real-world times. It’s easy to get lost in the characters, see how they intertwined, the sweet reminder of connection, and the real issues they each face. This book is a precious reminder that belonging matters, the mind creates powerful narrative, and one act always has a domino effect. More details→

Books about Friendship

Dear Emmie Blue

by Lia Louis

Such a treat! Dear Emmie Blue is a perfect romance novel that ties in the importance of friendship, that will warm your heart. Full of humor and imagination, it’s not just about romance but friendship, family, and so many other valuable things in lives that we long and aim for. It’s easy to fall in love with every character in this charming novel. More details→

Books about Friendship

Text Me When You Get Home

by Kayleen Schaefer

This is a must-read for those with close friends. It’s entertaining but also dissects the dynamics of female friendships. Female friendships are so important and must be developed over time. They need to be given the same attention as any relationship. More details→

Books about Friendship

Girls Burn Brighter

by Shobha Rao

While their friendship is fundamental to the story, the individual missions of each of the girls are compelling. The girls are cleverly flexible, despite all the hardships, heartbreaks, and wounds they are each subjected to. This book drew some objection for its dark depiction of Indian culture; however, I feel that it’s an unreasonable judgment as these are issues that are very real in that society today such as sex work, human trafficking, patriarchy. More details→

Books about Friendship

Conversations With Friends

by Sally Rooney

How many misunderstandings, how many ill-perceived intentions were originally good. It makes you ponder and look back at lost and wrecked relations with lovers, family, and friends and shines a new light on your own history and personality. More details→

Books about Friendship

The Giver of Stars

by Jojo Moyes

The characters are extraordinary, especially the women who do things that women were not allowed to do at that time. I am all in favor of women being autonomous. It also has a historical basis about the traveling libraries instituted by Eleanor Roosevelt. Said to be one of Jojo Moyes best books, it’s worth a try. The perfect addition to books about friendships. More details→

Books about Friendship

Books about Friendship

Up to This Pointe

by Jennifer Longo

Harper is a Scott. She’s related to Robert Falcon Scott, the explorer who died racing Amundsen and Shackleton to the South Pole. Amundsen won because he had a plan, and Harper has always followed his model. So when Harper’s life takes an unexpected turn, she finagles (read: lies) her way to the icy dark of McMurdo Station . . . in Antarctica. More details→

Books about Friendship

Starry Eyes

by Jenn Bennett

This book is a FREAKING treasure. The writing is ideal…seriously it’s clever and entertaining, everything you want from a YA contemporary. The characters were marvelous. I loved Zora and Lennon so much. This story had so much emotion and affection, it was practically bursting. More details→

What are your favorite books on friendships? I love recommendations!

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