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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️4 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for Black Swan Affair by K.L. Kreig!

I was able to keep it pretty on this one right here. I don’t think I’ll have to get to messy. Just a lit bit messy.

Black Swan Affair by K.L Kreig was Ah-Mazing! Yasssssss!!! Just what I need too. If you’ve been following my blog you know the the last few books I’ve read the characters have been dying. I needed a good romance book with NO death and a happy ending and I got it. Thank fuck for that.

So before we get started, let’s see the authors summary….

I’ve loved him as long as I can remember. The gangly boy with big brown eyes and unruly hair who grew up into an intoxicating man. He wears scruff like he invented it and ambles with a swagger that makes panties drop. Killian Shepard. Shep. We grew up together. We played Ghost in the Graveyard. Had our own rock band. It didn’t matter that he was five years older than me. It didn’t matter that he looked at me as a kid sister even as I grew into woman. It didn’t even matter when he left me behind to go to college and start his adult life. He’d be back. He was always meant to be mine. He came back, all right. But instead of smelling of promises, he stunk of betrayal. And he destroyed me—us—the day he married my sister instead of me. So I did the only thing a girl like me in my position could do. I got my revenge. I married his brother, Kael. Now we’re one big happy f**king family.

Now that done, let’s get messy….

Black Swan Affair starts with Maverick marrying her childhood best friend, Kael. Now, Maverick is not in love with Kael, she’s in love with his brother, Killian. But….Killian is married to her sister, Jillian. Yeah, I know, crazy. It’s like an episode of “The Young and Restless” going on here.

I’m going to start with Maverick. I didn’t think I was going to like her after she said she was only marrying Kael to get back at his brother. Baby girl, you can’t just go around marrying people to get at someone else. That’s not cool and mean as hell. Luckily, she proves herself to not be a bitch like that at all. I mean, Kael is a good man and doesn’t deserve to become your husband out of spite.

She has loved Killian for as long as she can remember. Turning off her feeling isn’t going to be an easy task. To make matters worse, Killian is still fighting for them to get married even though his married to her sister and she’s married to his brother. They have to see each other from time to time because they are family.

How do you get over a man who still trying to hang on to you?

Kael knows that Maverick is not in love with him. He knows that she loves his brother, but he doesn’t give a flying fuck. He’s like, “I love her and she can learn to love me.” God bless his heart for that because unrequited love is a bitch. Poor baby. 🙁

Here’s what I love about Kael….

  • He likes his girls with some meat on their bones. No stick figures.
  • He marries Maverick knowing that she is not in love with him – now I know that sounds weird and it is normally a turn off. But trust me, WHEN you read this book (because you will) you will see what I mean.
  • He’s self control is amazing considering the fact that he his loved her since they were kids. He says plain as day that she wasn’t ready before and he knew he would have to wait.
  • Maverick’s temper is sexy to him. (I’m can get a little crazy from time to time so I love a man who loves the crazy.)
  • He never pushes her into falling in love with him, he waits for it to become natural. For her to decide whether or not she can love him as more than a friend.
  • He’s willing to give her up if she decides she can’t ever love him.
  • And my #1 thing….he sees her love as a gift.


Also, Kael puts it down in the bedroom….and the kitchen, bathroom, car, living room, laundry room….you get my point. I mean, if you’re going to marry someone you don’t love at least they are good to look at and sex is good. Maverick said he is 8 inches and so thick that she can’t put her entire hand around it. Oh, sweet Jesus, yes!!! That’s what I’m talking about.


Spoilers below this point so be careful….

In the end I felt bad for Killian and Kael. Sibling are a special gift and it must have been so hard to be in love with the same girl. I do believe that Kael was Maverick’s forever person but at the same time Killian does love her.

Killian married Jillian to save his father from going to jail and to keep his mother from finding out that Jillian was pregnant by his father. The choice that his father made changed the course of so many lives. That choice ruined lifelong relationships. There were no winners in the situation.

  • Kael lost his brother
  • Maverick’s heart was broken
  • Killian married a horrible woman

It was just all bad.

I am happy that Kael and Maverick have there happily ever after. They renewed their vows so they could have a wedding that was rooted in love.

Read the book!!!!!!!


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