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This weeks Author Spotlight is one of my all time favorite author’s, Suanne Laqueur. I adore her just as much as I adore her writing. She also has a new book, A Charm of Finches, will be released November 1st 2017. Just as an FYI, A Charm of Finches, is a MUST READ novel.

About Suanne Laqueur (in her words)

img_8515 A good story absorbs you into another world, where you meet characters so believable, you’re pissed off you can’t call them to have coffee. Or take them to bed.

You don’t want just another “contemporary romance.” You don’t want a genre. You want a story that mirrors your longing. You want to see the unspoken words in your heart on the page. You want to be touched and validated. You want to be swept up in a love that erases the universe and sets you at the center of a new galaxy, where you don’t have to do a damn thing. But you’re no fool… You want it to be believable.

I want that, too. I want to write passionate but thoughtful love stories. I made up my own genre: I call it emotionally intelligent romance.

Now come over here. Let me tell you a story.

Books by Suanne Laqueur

The Fish Tale Series

Venery Series

I really, really, really want to share my joy, passion, and excitement for each and everyone of Suanne Laqueur’s books with everyone of you. I have read and reviewed EVERY SINGLE ONE of her books. If you haven’t had the chance to read her books yet click on the titles above. If you have – check out my reviews here – The Man I Love, Give Me Your Answer True, Here To Stay, The Ones That Got Away.

Find an amazing interview with Suanne Laqueur here.

Connect with Suanne Laqueur here.

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