A Stone in the Sea by A.L. Jackson


⭐️⭐️⭐️3.5 ROCK STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️

This book started off good, then became great, then mediocre and cheesy, and ended pretty good, with a cliffhanger. All of that contributed to my 3.5 STAR rating.

I’m not going to give this book a great, out of this world review because to me the story isn’t finished. A Stone in the Sea by A.L. Jackson will not be done until I’ve read the next book since this one has a cliffhanger – which I hate, BTW.

This review will still be a wee bit messy because the female got on nerves from time to time. Just because I’m going to talk a bit of mess about her doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the book.

Let’s here with author has to say. . .


Sunder lead singer Sebastian Stone is no stranger to trouble.

It follows him wherever he goes.

From his track record, he should have known Shea Bentley would be a problem. But the soft, innocent Southern girl was all he could see. All he wanted to see. Now they’re both drowning in a sea of desire, sinking hopelessly into a world of lust, and their passion refuses to let them up for air.

No matter how much he wants that to be enough…Shea has an inescapable past. One she would do anything to keep running from.

But some secrets never die.

If her history is dragged from the depths, it could tear his world apart. He has to decide if she’s worth fighting the tide or if they should just sink like a stone in the sea.

A Stone in the Sea is Book One in Shea & Sebastian’s two-part Duet.


Let’s get messy. . .

You already know that with any book about rock stars there is always that one who had a fucked up childhood that scarred them for life, right? This book is no different. Sebastian aka Baz, is the lead singer from a band called Sunder – whatever that name stands for – and has an anger problem. The boy likes to settle everything with this fist. That anger problem has him and his band hiding out in Savannah, Georgia, away for the press in L.A.

And it wouldn’t be a good rock star story if we didn’t have a beautiful woman who doesn’t care about his money or fame and loves him for him, right? Let me introduce, Shea. When I read her name I decided right then and there that was going to love her because I love Shea Body Butter from The Body Shop. It does wonders for my skin.

Wait a hot damn minute! Where in the hell is my rock star who never wants a girlfriend and my female who is afraid to love again?

Look no further folks because of course, this book has it too. And I loved every goddamn, cliche minute of it!!!!!

In the beginning you get inside Baz’s head, you find out what makes him tick and a little bit into what breaks his heart. His family.

Baz and Shea had crazy chemistry. From the moment they meet, you could feel the sexual tension in the air.

Baz – I liked him. He was a selfish asshole every now and then but I still liked him. He had a big heart and was so gentle with Shea. He was like a big teddy bear.

Shea – The girl cries a lot in this book, like a lot, a lot. I think I rolled my eyes at her tears a minimum of 6 times. I don’t mind if someone cries every now and then but I can’t be dealing with it constantly. Ask any of my friends or family.

Shea is cute and gullible. That’s what irritated me about her. The girl has a kid and had this man sleeping at her house without doing a quick Google search on him. That is a big no, no. You do not let a man around your four year old daughter without at least seeing if he’s on the sexual offenders list. Just an FYI, people. I don’t respect behavior like that. Folks need to know who is around their children before that start spending the night at their house.

The only promise he’d ever mad me was the one that he was going to break me. – Shea

Shea also broke my heart in a way. She was one of those females who are willing to shoulder a man’s pain and expect nothing in return. I wanted to bad to tell he that she was just as important as Baz, if not more.

The girl was willing to wait for a man who might go to jail for years after knowing him for like 6 weeks or some shit. I felt so bad for her. I just wanted to give her a cuddle because she was a sweet and lovable chick.

I knew I had filled a hole, if only briefly, for him. I knew he’d used me to hide from his pain, and I’d been willing to hold him, keep him, love him. Especially if it helped him heal.

Even if it broke me.

– Shea

That would not have been me. Maybe, I’m just heartless, but you do not get to use me as your emotional crutch willingly. I’m not mad at the girl for being that way but I can only respect about 45% of it. For a single mom, she needed to put her heart first because it’s hard to pretend your heart is not broken around a child. Children sense everything.

I can’t give my recommendation of the book yet until I read the next one because this is a 3.5 STAR read. If it was 4 STAR read I would say yes, but I don’t know how the story will end with a higher rating.

That was actually a pretty review, not to messy at all.

TTYL, lovers. . .

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