5 Book Lover’s Etsy Finds


5 Book Lovers Etsy's Finds


5 Book Lovers Etsy Finds. . .


5 Book Lovers Etsy's Finds 1. I love laying on something pillows when I’m reading. This pillow is by Minne and Maude is super cute and so fun. – $21.99

5 Book Lovers Etsy's Finds 2. A cute pair of earrings can make or break an outfit, everyone knows that. Check out these super adorable bookshelf earrings by Dans L’Air Temps. – $7.34

5 Book Lovers Etsy's Finds 3. I just want to say that I FLOVE Story Time Sleeves!!!! They are super soft and protect my books out in about. The best part is not messing up my books in my purse. – $15.00

5 Book Lovers Etsy's Finds 4. I love a good tank – they show my boobs 🙂 I can put my love of book, boobs, and showing off into one good shirt. SCORE!!! Thanks Black Coffee And Tees – $18.99

5 Book Lovers Etsy's Finds 5. Everyone loves keychains! Now we can top it off and let everyone know that, “I would rather be reading.” Michelle Mach has this keychain and more. – $9.00


There are so many places for us book lovers to find fun ways to show our love.

What are some of your fun finds?







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  1. I love Etsy!!! I find so many amazing things on there, and I spend wayyy too much time browsing around. But it is my favorite online store because there are so many cool things! I love the things you picked out… especially the pillow!!

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