22 Reason To Fall In Love With Dylan Allen


Let’s all fall in love with author, Dylan Allen!

I first need to say thank you for doing this interview with me. I alway enjoy getting to know the person behind my favorite books. I will try my best to keep it classy but I can’t make any promises. I’ve been known to be inappropriate from time to time. 🙂


  1. What type of liquor do you drink when you’re writing? – LOL, I don’t want to admit that drink when I write. But I do…my spirit of choice is two fingers of of a nice Bourbon or Cognac. Or Tequila. I’m not that picky.
  2. What kind of people do you dislike? – I don’t like people who are passive aggressive. It’s my PET peve.
  3. How would you describe your husband in three words? –  Gracious, funny and honorable.
  4. Where were you born and raised? –  I was born in Ghana, West Africa. I moved to Houston, TX when I was 7 years old and lived there until I went to College in MA. After College, I lived in DC, London, and DC again before moving back to Houston two years ago. .
  5. What’s the worst thing about being a writer? –  Marketing and Promotions. Hands down.

Let’s talk books, your books. I became an official Dylan Allen fangirl after reading Rise. Now, Rise was the first book you wrote.

  1. What was it like writing a book for the first time?-  It was an experience. It was an experience. A cathartic one. These sisters have been in my head and heart for so long, the story poured out of me. Writing is the easy part. Everything else that comes along with publishing is REALLY hard.

I know you told me before that you were a blogger before becoming a published author.

  1. Were you nervous as to how your book would be reviewed the blogging community that you were apart of? – That’s why I write using a pen name. And I didn’t let people know. I wanted people to read my book because they WANTED to and not because they knew it was MY book.   I didn’t even show my face for the first six months. I didn’t want anyone to be able to say that I only did well (and I only did well for debut, not in general) because I used my connections. Writing is passion. I’m trying to make it a career, so I tried to be very intentional about how I’ve started to build me career.
  2. Where did Addie come from? –  The girl was a stubborn as a mule. Addie is a hybrid of several different people and experiences. But when I started writing, she surprised me. I’d outlined and sketched her very differently than who she turned out to be. Yes, she was stubbon, and petulant at times, too. But that’s just who she is. And I really like her, a lot.
  3. What did you want readers to take away from Rise? – That your past is not always prologue. That you can accomplish anything you’re willing to work hard enough for. Dreams are nothing unless you’re willing to grind for them. And that love can transform lives. That last one is actually the message I hope people get from whatever story of mine they read.

Remember is lead by Milly, Addie’s sister from Rise. I must say after reading Rise I was very curious about Milly’s story and I’m happy you chose to write her story next.

  1. Which character was harder to write, Addie’s or Milly’s? – Addie, only because I haven’t been her age or single for a MINUTE. And also because her story was going to be what drove the rest of the books. Even though their standalones
  2. Can we expect to read the last sister, Lilly’s book anytime soon? – I curious to know what happened in Miami. I go to Miami all the time and things get pretty crazy there. We will. Release, Lilly’s book will public in late January I think. But her love interest will take her out of Miami. In fact, very little time will be spent there. I love Miami, too by the way. I don’t go as much anymore. It reminds me a lot o Houston.
  3. Which guy is your favorite, Dean or Simon? I don’t have a favorite, personally. I love them both in their own way. – I can’t choose. They’re both amazing. Really. And I think about them ALL the time.
  1. Did you learn anything from after seeing people’s reaction to Rise that made writing Remember more challenging? – Well I knew Milly’s life and journey was going to be very different from Addie’s. They are VERY different women. So I wasn’t sure if people would find Remember boring. Their relationship didn’t have much angst. IT was a decision I made because I wanted to further and complete the dad’s storyline in book 2

I’m always curios how authors come up with the sex scenes in their books. Your intimate moments were very detailed and I FLOVED it.

  1. Where does the inspiration to these sexy moments come from? – Tumblr is a smut writer’s best friend.
  2. Are you writing from your own personal experience? – Of course. But I try to write sex that’s consistent with the characters and where they are emotionally.
  3. Who had the better sex, Addie and Simon or Milly and Dean? – Simon and Addie.
  4. Is there anything you edited out of your books that you wish you didn’t? – No.

I say we wrap up this interview with a few rapid fire question. Your answer has to be 1 to 4 word answers.

  1. Do you like reading reviews on your books? – No.
  2. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? – Instagram
  3. What #hashtag would you give yourself? – #Imahustlerbaby
  4. What was the best advice you ever got from your mother? – Put yourself first.
  5. Who would you cheat on your husband with? – No man I’ve met before or since him could hold a candle. But I might give Idris Elba a spin, LOL!

I can’t thank you enough for letting me into your brilliant mind for a bit. I said on my review of Rise that I believe your had a long writing career ahead of you and still believe that today. When your famous don’t forget to shout out my blog! LOL!!!!!

Thank you so much! This was fun!


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  1. Such a great, fun interview! I loved how the questions weren’t the typical ones. It made me want to read the book.
    And I agree that writing is the easiest part, marketing and promo are harder, and I personally would just love to be able to focus on writing and have someone else do the rest. 🙂
    And Idris Elba! Good choice!

    1. I can image how hard marketing must be. It’s Jared enough just promoting my blog. I have loads of respect for authors who do it on their own.

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