Pretty Mess Reading 2021 Reading Challenge


2021 Reading Challenge

Have you been searching for the ultimate Reading Challenge for 2021? Join me for the 2021 Reading Challenge and read a book every two weeks.

Do you want to up your reading game in 2021? I know I do. Well, I have the ultimate challenge for you – the Pretty Mess Reading 2021 Reading Challenge!

Join me and many others as we read a book every two weeks in 2021. Yep, this Reading Challenge has 26 different categories to expand your reading selection. If you add in a book of your choice every two weeks then that’s 52 books, one for each week of the year.

This year when I started my 2020 Reading Challenge, I was pleasantly surprised by how many of you joined. I didn’t know if I was being nuts or brave for striving for a book a week. The only downside was that I didn’t allocate time for books that weren’t on the list. That’s why the 2021 Reading Challenge’s goal is a book every two weeks.

Have we finished? Not yet, because the year is not over but many, including myself, are on the way to victory.

When I created my 2021 Reading Challenge, I wanted it to be a wee bit aspirational. I want to urge my readers to read with me, as they have helped me find a renewed passion for reading and blogging. Whether you read 6 books a year or 52, I want to encourage you to step outside of your normal genre and try something new.

If you’re not feeling one of the categories in the reading challenge, change it or skip it. Do what you need to do to make it your own.

I want you to have fun reading in 2021. That will make me smile.

Happy Reading!

2021 Reading Challenge

Two Books a Month With Pretty Mess Reading
2021 Reading Challenge

Printable List

I’ve created a printable for every subscriber to use to keep track of your progress. It has all every category of the 2021 Reading Challenge and extra space for you to keep notes on.

If you have your free digital reading planner, I have a widget coming your way so you can add the challenge to a blank page in your planner to keep track.

Not a subscriber yet? Just enter your email below and you’ll stay up to date on the reading challenge, my blog posts, and exclusive content just for you. Every month I’ll highlight one of the reading challenges prompts with book suggestions just for my favorite readers.

2021 Reading Challenge

Let’s say that the full 2021 Reading Challenge is wee bit too much, you can break it down into monthly segments. You can even skip around if need be. You can pick one or two months and still get in 4-6 books in a year. That’s pretty awesome!

If you want to challenge yourself but don’t feel ready for the full 2021 Reading Challenge, just pick one category from each month.

You can personalize my 2021 Reading Challenge any way you want. The goal is to read and have fun along the way.

2021 Reading Challenge
2021 Reading Challenge

What do you think about the challenge?

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2021 Reading Challenge


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    1. Thank you so much!!! The next newsletter will include away to download a free 2021 Reading Challenge digital notebook

  1. This is my first reading challenge! I can’t wait. Question: When I click on printable list it takes me to a printable bookmark post. Do you have the image for the reading challenge somewhere else? Thanks!!

    1. Happy New Year! Thanks for coming to my blog! At the bottom of the post, you’ll find a place to sign up with your name and email. Afterwhich, I’ll send you an email with the printable as well as access to the secret library for more goodies.

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