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I can’t thank you enough for sharing your time with me and answering a string of crazy questions. I hope they are no offensive or rude. 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Because I’m a future alcoholic I always start my interviews with the most important question in the world…


  • What type of liquor do you drink when you’re writing? Do you drink it straight or with a mixer?

I don’t drink alcohol while I drink, but I did try it ONCE. I’m a fan of Reisling, or Moscato, but had a few sips and got too tired to keep drinking. LOL

  • What advice would you give your 18 year old self about sex?

Have more of it. I hate to say it, but I was kind of a prude—not that it’s a bad thing, but I was SO afraid of guys. One would look at me and I would FREAK OUT. I once broke up with a guy after a hot and heavy make out session because I was too afraid to do anything else. And OMG he was SO NICE. Ugh.

  • Do you Google yourself?

I used to. Sometimes, if I’m looking for an interview I did, and can’t recall the blog, I’ll google my name to find it. But otherwise, I don’t think I’m interesting enough to anything to actually pop up.

  • What scares you the most about releasing a new book?

Having to start something new, and still being lost in the last world I created.

  • How do you feel about doing author interviews?

When I remember to do them (as you know) I’m all over that. Just like when we had a land-line telephone, and someone would call and ask if I had time to do a “quick survey.” I’d be like, HECK YEAH I HAVE TEN MINUTES!

I’m just being honest here, so you aren’t allowed to hate me. I have read your entire “How To Date A Douchebag” series but I’m not familiar with your previous work.

  • What book of yours would you recommend I read?

My favorite books from my backlist are actually the novella series – Three Little Lies. I call them pallet cleansers. He Kissed Me First is also quite Douchey.


I’ve read many athlete romance stories but HTDAD is the first one I’ve read with wrestlers

  • How did the HTDAD series come about? What made you gear toward wrestlers?

I actually sought to find a sport not many people wrote about, that I would personally think was sexy. And what’s sexier than a skin tight body suit? I came up with the title of the series first, then the title of each book, then developed my stories….

I’ve read some book reviews on the HTDAD series and loads of your readers feel in love with Zeke.

  • Why do think your readers connected with Zeke so much?

I don’t know if they connected with him as much as they were surprised by him. It was a challenge to make him likeable; I didn’t set out to make anyone actually LIKE him, but rather, wanted to show glimpses of why he said and did the things he did. I also didn’t set out to change him—that’s one of the reasons he isn’t apologetic. I felt that would be too cliché. So he’s an ass until the end.

I will tell you that wasn’t to sure how much I wanted to read Zeke’s story after book 1 but I’m glad I did. I hear this from a lot of people **wink**

With the third book of the series, The Learning Hours, you did something that most of your readers didn’t expect – myself included. I don’t want to give anything away but I must ask…

  • What were you hoping your readers would take away from the story verses the previous two?

I wanted to remind readers that beauty is only skin deep, and sometimes we even surprise ourselves. That was the case for Laurel; she was surprised by her feelings for Rhett, and once she felt them—she became vulnerable. But so was he because he’d never HAD anyone love him like that before.

  • Are you personally satisfied with the series or is there anything you wish you had written differently?

There are a few things I would have changed about the first book, but I’ll keep those to myself, LOL.


I’ve always been curious as to why series are becoming more popular than standalones. I’m sure every author has their own reasons for why they this way or that way.

  • Do you prefer to write series or standalones?

I ALWAYS always say I’m going to write a standalone—I was NOT going to write a third book in the Douchebag series. Was adamant about it. But then….**sigh** Sometimes it just happens.

  • Do you think one is more success than the other? Why or why not?

That’s a good question—I guess I don’t think too much about it.

  • If you the story of your life, would it be a series or standalone? Why?

It would have to be a series; I do way too much stupid shit to put it all in one book.


I want to switch gears real quick and chat about sex. Obviously, sex scenes play a huge roll in romance books.

  • Where do find your inspiration for your scenes?

I close my eyes and try to imagine those two people together—especially for the first time. That first kiss, and first touch are pivitol. So that’s what I always focus on—those two firsts. I make shit up, there is no researching for me, LOL.

  • How comfortable do you feel when your spouse reads them?

My husband doesn’t even read magazines, let alone my books—although I’ve got him convinced to listen to the audio. He can’t believe what a dickhead Zeke is.

  • Do you every ask men what they think about how you portray them in your books?

I have had one or two male authors read the books. Both have said they’re pretty accurate, and my husband—who’s totally biased—can’t believe I write like a guy. It’s VERY flattering to hear that I nail the male POV.

  • Would you describe your sex life similar to ones you write?

Um, no. LOL

You have tons and tons and fans – including me – who just adore your writing. I thought it might be fun to ask you a few more personal questions to help everyone get to know Sara Ney, the woman instead of Sara Ney, the writer.


The following questions can be one or two word answers. . .

  • What’s your biggest fear?

Ironically, flying.

  • What makes you smile?

Besides my daughter, anything witty or clever. Reading, getting messages. Seeing my friends names pop up on my phone.

  • Tell me anything you want about your spouse?

He used to be the funny one. He’s conservative—lots of polo shirts and baseball hats, he sometimes reminds me of Beaver Cleaver.

  • What did you want to be when you were a kid?

A cashier at the grocery store. I wanted to run the cash register.

  • How do you feel about public sex? Yay or nay?

If I was brave enough, maybe…

  • What do you really think about bloggers?

I envy all the books they get to read throughout the year, when I can barely manage to read a dozen, tops. Instagram blogs are my favorite, and I follow hundreds of them; I can’t believe how much TIME goes into a single post or review.

Not to go on and on about it, but when my last book was released—The Learning Hours—we asked that no plot details were revealed; I’d wanted to keep the characters a secret. And you know what? The write-ups were INCREDIBLE. I couldn’t even believe it; I bet I messaged my publicist and PA a few times a day marveling at the creativity that went into those first reviews. I was so damn impressed. And touched. It was an awesome couple of days.

You are the sweetest for doing this interview! I love getting to know my favorite authors and your books are my new obsession. I can’t wait to brag to all my books friends about you and how little old me got a chance to ask you a few questions.

Thank you for being so freaking patient!!!!!!! Honestly, I appreciate it. Sorry it took so long to get to this ~ Sara


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Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh-out-loud New Adult romances. Among her favorite vices, she includes: iced latte’s, historical architecture and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British. 


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  1. So awesome!! LOVE Sara! My favorite answer is that her life would need to be a series because there’s too much for one book 😂

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